Recreating the UK's lost motor racing circuits

Just like everything else in the amazing GPL community, my GPL tracks and extras are completely FREE to download and use. 

Pete (Tobodestroyer)

I am fascinated by old and forgotten UK motor racing circuits. It all started years ago when, as a child, I stood at was once the hairpin at Donington Circuit, the shadow of a track disappearing into the trees. Drivers raced along narrow, dangerous roads which were never intended to be anything more than a service-road or runway. Modern safety standards prevent any of them ever being returned to their former glory, but GPL gives us the opportunity to drive some of these lost tracks in cars from the 1950s and 60s. It's my mission to rebuild as many of them as I can for the GPL community...

The Tracks

#1 Boreham Airfield

This track was a completely new one to me and yet I've lived only eight miles away from Boreham for the past twenty years. When I started, I knew literally nothing about GPL track building, but was determined to learn how to create one. It also gave me something to do throughout 2020 whilst the UK was in COVID lockdown.

Started September 2020 - Released 21st June 2022

#2 Ingliston

This one took me by surprise as I actually intended to build Blandford next. This side-project soon took over as I was determined to learn how to create that tight 'Mexico' hairpin. It also gave me the opportunity to develop my 3DO building skills. The buildings around the grandstand arena gave me a few headaches along the way.

Started June 2022 - Released 11th December 2022

#3 Blandford Camp

This was track number two on my drawing board but I'm glad that I took my time as I learnt so much whilst creating Ingliston. Creating the elevation changes, steep-sided kerbs and long draw distances were new skills to learn, and then I chose to make life difficult by including so many telegraph poles and wires.

Started June 2022 - Released 7th August 2023

#4 Anglesey International

This is not a lost circuit but one currently in use on the island of Anglesey, Wales. A tricky, twisty club circuit which will be fun in the slower GPL cars. 

Starting in September 2023. Work in progress...